Farzaneh Mahmoudi
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F Mahmoudi, MM Amini, M Sillanpää
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Phosphotungstic acid supported on aminosilica functionalized perovskite-type LaFeO 3 nanoparticles: a novel recyclable and excellent visible-light photocatalyst
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Synthesis and characterization of a series of novel perovskite-type LaMnO 3/Keggin-type polyoxometalate hybrid nanomaterials for fast and selective removal of cationic dyes …
S Farhadi, F Mahmoudi, MM Amini, M Dusek, M Jarosova
Dalton Transactions 46 (10), 3252-3264, 2017
A new nanohybrid material constructed from Keggin-type polyoxometalate and Cd (II) semicarbazone Schiff base complex with excellent adsorption properties for the removal of …
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F Mahmoudi, MM Amini
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Biosynthesis of Novel Silver Nanoparticles Using Eryngium thyrsoideum Boiss Extract and Comparison of their Antidiabetic Activity with Chemical Synthesized …
F Mahmoudi, F Mahmoudi, KH Gollo, MM Amini
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A new inorganic–organic nanohybrid based on a copper (II) semicarbazone complex and the PMo12O403− polyanion: synthesis, characterization, crystal structure and photocatalytic …
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F Mahmoudi, MM Amini, M Sillanpää
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A new nano-scale manganese (II) coordination polymer constructed from semicarbazone Schiff base and dicyanamide ligands: Synthesis, crystal structure and DFT calculations
S Farhadi, F Mahmoudi, J Simpson
Journal of Molecular Structure 1108, 583-589, 2016
Two coordination polymers based on semicarbazone Schiff base and azide: synthesis, crystal structure, electrochemistry, magnetic properties and biological activity
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Synthesis, structure and electrochemistry behavior of a cobalt (III) compound with azide and methyl 2-pyridyl ketone semicarbazone ligands
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Synthesis, crystal structures, antimicrobial activities, and DFT calculations of two new azido nickel (II) complexes
B Shaabani, AA Khandar, M Dusek, M Pojarova, MA Maestro, ...
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Novel Gold Nanoparticles: Green Synthesis with Eryngium thyrsoideum Boiss Extract, Characterization, and In Vivo Investigations on Inflammatory Gene …
F Mahmoudi, F Mahmoudi, KH Gollo, MM Amini
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Synthesis, Spectroscopy and X-ray Crystallography Structure of Pyridine 4-Carbaldehyde Semicarbazone Schiff Base Ligand
F Mahmoudi, S Farhadi, M Dusek, M Poupon
Adv. J. Chem. Sec. A 3, 534-541, 2020
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