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Building Pyridinium Molecular Wires as Axial Ligands for Tuning the Electrocatalytic Activity of Iron Phthalocyanines for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
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Heterobimetallic catalysts for the thermal decomposition of ammonium perchlorate: efficient burning rate catalysts for solid rocket motors and missiles
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Methoxycarbonylation of Styrene Using a New Type of Palladium Complexes Bearing P,N-donor Ligands as Catalysts
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Insights into the electronic structure of Fe penta-coordinated complexes. Spectroscopic examination and electrochemical analysis for the oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution …
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Imprinted Naked Pt Nanoparticles on N‐Doped Carbon Supports: A Synergistic Effect between Catalyst and Support
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Influence of cyano substituents on the electron density and catalytic activity towards the oxygen reduction reaction for iron phthalocyanine. The case for Fe (II) 2, 3, 9, 10 …
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Hierarchically structured polymeric ionic liquids and polyvinylpyrrolidone mat-fibers fabricated by electrospinning
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“Save money” during hydrogenation reactions by exploiting the superior performance of Pd-NPs deposited on carbon black by magnetron sputtering
M Ali, G Abarca, D Eberhardt, A Gual, F Bernardi, SR Teixeira, J Dupont
Tetrahedron 73 (38), 5593-5598, 2017
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